About Awganica
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Awganica began when we learnt about the true nature of disease. We are taught that there are diseases that cannot be cured, and there are diseases with unknown causes. This is the perspective of a medical industry that uses unnatural, inorganic substances to treat illnesses for which they have not got a cure. So we decided to do something about it!

Since learning crucial information about disease, diet and the human body, we have become devoted to guiding people down the right path to good health, away from the unnatural and inorganic habits of the Pharmaceutical Industry. If you have been told that there is no cure for your disease, please do not just accept that as the truth, as it is likely not the case.


We began in Autumn 2014 by making the transition onto the alkaline vegan diet, gradually building a catalogue of invented and acquired recipes as well as a lot of knowledge and new understanding about the human body. We learnt that in order to reverse illness and disease, we must adhere to the needs of the original African genome that is present in ALL humanity. 


We learnt that disease is not caused by a virus or bacteria, but by the accumulation of mucus in the body, where an acidic lifestyle has compromised the mucous membrane. This understanding led us onto

learning about fasting/herbal cleansing: the most effecient way to rid the body of mucus, and replace depleted minerals. This is also known as intracellular cleansing, and it is not recognised by the paradigm of Western Medicine. We learned that by cleaning out each individual cell of our bodies, and by allowing the digestive system to reset, we can transform our bodies back to their proper state of health (this even applies to bodies that were born affected).

Who are we?

We are Beatrice and James (Bea & Skinny) and we are based in the UK (Kent). As well as herbal healing, we are into music, songwriting, architecture, sustainability and holistic balance, to name just a handful.


Our interest in health really grew when we learned about the pineal gland, and that only by decalcifying the pineal gland can we access our full conscious capabilities. We were learning about this from lectures on YouTube by Santos Bonacci (Mr.Astrotheology), and he made reference to "Electric Foods" and a man called Dr. Sebi who was known for his ability to cure any disease.


Another running theme of the evolution of Awganica has been THE TRUCK! ...We knew we needed to start making some foundations for the life we were about to embark upon, so we bought a 7.5ton lorry and spent a year fixing it up into a fully equipped home and base for Awganica. Being on wheels just really appealed to us, having already travelled to Iceland in a Renault Master, and knowing we're gonna need to travel around a lot to spread our message and provide our services to as many people as possible.

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Though there are just the two of as at the moment, we are beginning to feel a growing need for extra hands on deck to get this ball rolling as fast as it can. We are always looking for people to connect with who can help our cause in any way, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have anything to offer!


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