"Eat 2 Live or Eat 2 Die" Part 1/2

"Eat 2 Live or Eat 2 Die" Part 2/2

Dr. Sebi's story

Dr. Sebi Testimony by Cherie Amour

Dr. Sebi

It was from Dr. Sebi's work and teachings that we began to learn about the healing and health preserving powers of the the Alkaline lifestyle and the African Bio-mineral Balance. This is a methodology of alkaline nutrition and herbalism that has the power to permanently reverse all manner of diseases, and promotes long-term health/disease prevention. The validity of this methodology is not proven in the media, western biology, or peer review journals, but by the medical evidence and real life accounts of those who have been cured.

Dr. Sebi and his team of healers and researchers developed a range of herbal products to allow people the opportunity to heal from home, as well as a nutritional guide that lists all of the safe alkaline foods that can still be found in today's food culture. Sticking to this nutritional guide is less challenging that it appears, and the first big step in creating a healthy body to live in. Below is a link to the nutritional guide, authentic Sebi Products, and videos of Sebi's public teaching.